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Gourmet Coffee Beans in Newcastle

If you love coffee and are looking for coffee roasters in Newcastle delivering premium quality fresh coffee beans, your search ends with us at Cassowary Cafe. The aroma and flavour of house roasted coffee compare to none. We bring you the best coffee in Newcastle with our assorted coffee brews. While our coffees are our cafe’s speciality, we don’t plan to gatekeep them. We want you to enjoy them whenever and wherever and share them with your loved ones. Whether you wish to order a single piece to enjoy at home or want to place a bulk order for your celebrations or business, we can meet your requirements. So, if you have been surfing the web looking for top-tier “coffee beans near me”, it’s time you place your order with us.

All our coffee brews are ethically and sustainably sourced. We offer raw coffee beans that will appeal to your senses without harming the environment – that’s what we offer as reputed coffee roasters in Newcastle.

Awesome services


From satisfying your sudden carvings to organising delicacies for your celebrations, we serve for all occasions. Choose from our menu and have us bring your choice of food in premium taste and quality.

Office Catering

Planning for a corporate event, meeting or team lunch? Get the food aspect sorted with our office catering service. From quick munchies to full meals, you can find them all with us.

Party Catering

Our party catering service will give your celebrations a tasty turn. Whether it's a birthday party, a farewell dinner, a bridal shower, or a simple family get-together, we have delicacies suited for all occasions.

High Tea Catering

With our high-tea catering services, you can engage in refreshing beverages and sweet and savoury high-tea food items. Made with natural ingredients, you are sure to find a taste like none other.

Salad Platter

Indulge yourself in the taste and goodness of natural and freshly-made salads with our exotic salad platters. Your choice of fruits and vegetables with different dressings to suit your taste.


Premium Coffee Beans Delivered to Your Doorstep

Loved the coffee you had at our cafe and wish to enjoy it at home? Rejoice because our in-house coffee range is up for purchase. We bring you distinct coffee flavours with the essence of dark cherry, cocoa, spices, blackberries, and much more. If you are a coffee enthusiast who loves trying new flavours, our brews are a must-try.

Explore our coffee range

  • Signature Blend
  • Northern Sunrise
  • Tropical Bliss
  • Jack Hammar

Are you confused about which one to order? Try our sample pack with all four blends and see which flavour best appeals to you. All our coffee blends are available in different quantities (250g, 500g and 1kg) and grinds (Turkish, Home Espresso, Cold Brew Toddy, Whole Beans, etc.). So, choose your favourites, place your order and enjoy. As your chosen coffee roaster in Newcastle, we will deliver the order as soon as possible so you can sit and enjoy a cup of delightful coffee without any delays.

If you have any questions regarding our raw coffee beans, you can reach out to us at (02) 4945 0267 or

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Enjoying a fresh brew in a welcoming and peaceful ambience – that can lighten up your mood in no time. So, if you are craving a cup of coffee, visit us at Cassowary Cafe and enjoy your choice of blend.

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